Magnolia Home Theatres is specializes in the field of custom designed Home Theatre solutions A complete line of audio & video equipment makes Home Cinema stand out from the competition.


I am delighted with the whole home theatre set up. Mr Ravindra is humble person with excellent knowledge on home theatre devices. He has given us excellent configuration based on our room dimensions. I would recommend anyone to go with him for setting up home theatres.


We are very much satisfied with our home theatre. Mr.Ravi is having very good knowledge on the complete home theatre setup. He gave decent quotation. His timely response and commitment towards his work made me to post this.5 stars for quality work and prompt service.

Kalyan Bijimalla

Excellent and professional service. Provides the best deal on home theater systems. Highly recommended. Prompt and hassle free installation with all queries resolved.

Aditya Ghanathay